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Fornænda is the Capital City of Carops and the Caropsyne Pontanore. It is one of Liberalia's oldest and largest cities, as well as a cultural centre for the vast Caropsyne diaspora and much of the region. Founded in 2056 by Othæglin the Lindite, Fornænda was designed as the purpose-built administrative centre for the then new Kingdom of Carops. The construction of Fornænda was the single largest construction exercise in Caropsyne history and lasted for over 150 years. The original Fornænda is, of course, no longer standing in the most part, although some remarkably old structures do survive, including the Casmere Palace and the Arch of Nepios.

[edit] Districts

Fornænda is comprised of around 17 districts, with some being replaced or merged at regular intervals. The Most districts the city has had is 31, however many of those have since been merged. Current Districts are:

  1. Terese Polminese (Administrative Centre)
  2. Teresa Palmosa (Commercial/Residential
  3. Teresa Molda (Embassy District/Commercial/Residential)
  4. Pirus (Commercial/Residential)
  5. Semanare (Residential)
  6. Permenta (Residential)
  7. Caethelen (Industrial)
  8. Cassenta (Residential/Commercial)
  9. Monino (Airport/Industrial)
  10. Tormalla (Residential)
  11. Rinalta (Residential)
  12. Fernogosca (Residential)
  13. Lanalta (Residential/Commercial)
  14. Cisce (Commercial)
  15. Somonte (Residential/Commercial)
  16. Pinnima (Residential/Commercial)
  17. Lastarne (Residential/Commercial)

Terese Polminese is the home of Carops' government offices and ministries, as well as the headquarters of leading businesses and corporations. The area is in the very heart of the city and includes many of Fornænda's most important buildings:

  • Imperial Palace (located on Terese Pontisa)
  • Pontiana Building (located on Terese Polminese)
  • Fostana Building (located on Teresa Fostana)
  • Interior Ministry (located on Cormo Helias Mindol)
  • Foreign Ministry (located on Cormo Olimando)
  • Education Ministry
  • Health Ministry
  • Defence Ministry
  • Pontanore Ministry


Above: The Pontanore Ministry of Finance


Above: The Gateway to the Defence Ministry


Above: The Health Ministry building, designed in the typical style of the city.

[edit] Notable Buildings

The Fostana Building


The Fostana Building houses Carops Upper House of Parliament and is one of the grandest public buildings in the city. The Building is over 400 years old and has been rebuilt six times since its original foundation.

The Pontiana Building


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